Letter to someone up there.

Dear Allah,

stop shouting.
I understand you’d never ask these grotesque events of mass murder, although I am not your most accurate listener.

I frequent other pastime, sorry for that. Praying isn’t my strong suit anymore, it’s something from my past, something of which I know the virtue. It learned me principles, respect and love. Eventhough the way of communication was often just a one way street, I still cherish the values of faith. One of reflection, forgiving, sharing and listening to each other.

Dear Allah, to be overheard in society’s jungle, you probably have to shout. It’s not fair. I do understand that problem too. I have no clue whether it’s better to spare your voice. A lot of people understand you correctly. I thank you for transmitting the message that people with other forms of beliefs, other cultures and other choices in pastimes, can live next to each other. We learn from each other, we inspire and celebrate this. We make a lot of noise celebrating the greatness of daily life too. Sorry to make you watch this all too.

Dear Allah, please stop hurling.
With the world’s noise in the background, it is slightly uncomprehensible and people just give their interpretations to what is intended so-o-o-o differently. They even enforce what they think they understood. People miscomprehend what you are saying. It’s a shame. They commmit foolish things in your name.

I do know some good speech therapist, you’ll even get a refund for following such courses when it’s work- related in Belgium too. I do know one thing. A little trick which I humbly may suggest.
If you speak quitely, people tend to listen better.
They don’t read agression, projected ofcourse, in you trying to reach out.

And one day, when there is no ruckus, no harm done to the fellow man,
than, and only than, I hope that I’ll hear you too, or at least we can have an open conversation.








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