Beste wensen & bezinning & meer van dat…

en liefde,
warme knuffels, lang onthaal en koude soep,
die dingen.

De digitale kerstkaart die ik dit jaar maakte.
Voor tekst verwijs ik naar de ondertitels.
Als je de video bekijkt in de play/pauze balk de icoontjes aan de rechterkant in die balk, het eerste icoontje.

With the fantastic music from Richard J. Birkin.
Track: Being that person, from the album: Songs for spoken words.
Buy his wonderfull record on,
Produced by Snug Recording Co & Time Travel Opps.

-My Christmas wishes which are aligned with warm thoughts, powerfull hughs, a long welcome, cold soup,
fun and family and stuff, just stuff, wandering about in the living room.-

I have no rights on the images, nor do i claim them to be mine, or have any commercial benefit using them. It’s merely a tribute to old classics, their great actors and their values.

eMy wishes in a poem.
I did put subtitles.






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